This Is Me

064822CA-58B5-4BFD-BCC2-155AE24B5BB2I’m Marlea, a lifelong resident of the one and only Detroit city.  An original 80s baby that blossomed into a unique lady.  Learning is my passion, reading, travel, and eating are my hobbies.  Motherhood is my most tasking and calculated job, which brings me immeasurable fulfillment.  My family is my joy (right next to a V8 engine lol).  I’m young at heart with the insight of a woman that’s already lived a lifetime.  The brilliance in me is that I’ll NEVER close the door on learning new LIFE lessons. This blog was created to give accountability to my actions and decisions, over the next year.  The time came upon me where I was more disgusted with going to work than purposeful.  Definitely not something any person should experience that has an ability and opportunity to change.  My decision to work toward the things I dream, talk passionately and secretly desire about is upon me.  I’ll share with you interviews with people who I feel have found “REAL” happiness by following their dreams & passions.  Pictorial highlights from social events I’ve attended.  These will help generate a more well-rounded experience and display the importance of having a great support group/system/team around you.  This can be via family, friends and most importantly networking.  Mostly, Beautifully Misunderstood will spotlight things contributing to a happier ME. Surely, this next year won’t be free of valleys (low points).  I anticipate the mountains (high points), which will initiate a more intriguing and pleasurable ride….All in the name of HAPPINESS.

5 thoughts on “This Is Me”

  1. Hi Marlea,
    I wanted to know what website did you find a similar jumpsuit like the the jeweled strapless jumpsuit on Thank you!

  2. Marlea, your words and energy are electric! I can’t wait to read more of your posts. You have a rare beauty that many women do not have. I love finding blogs with confident, real women like you! You go, girl!

    1. Thank you so much! After a quick glance at your blog, I’d like to say Congratulations on your recent nuptials! I hope you enjoy many years of happiness.

      Feel free to laugh a little during my postings!

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